Brazil Crystals


 Crystals and other Gemstones

 Very popular for their beauty and for their reputation of healing powers.

Brazil Crystals is a Miner, fine Gemstone jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler of quality minerals.

Main Office :SRTVS Q. 701, BLOCO 1, SALA 709, BRASILIA .DF. Brazil

Contact Canada: Ontario, Richmond Hill. P. +1 647 964 6450


Hand polished Quartz from Brazil.Sizes range ~ 1 to 100+ centimeters.
Please contact us by phone or email for 100s more items
Many of these crystals have inclusions and unique natural shapes. Sizes range ~ 1 to 100+ centimeters. We have a huge range of variety gemstones, shapes and sizes. We do customized polished pieces to fit our customer needs. Since the sizes and shapes varies, we will be glad to provide any further information needed.




Hand picked and hand polished crystal from Brazili